What We Do
Spotlight Home Computer Repair can help you if you own a PC with a Windows operating system such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro, or Windows XP Home.

Spotlight Home Computer Repair will schedule an appointment and send a technician to your home. We will address problems you may be having with your computer and try to improve its performance.

Our technician will evaluate your computer, clean up viruses and spyware, replace faulty components such as fans, video cards, network interface cards, sound cards, or modems.

We can recommend upgrades or rebuilds to help you get more out of your computer and extend its life and we'll help you "tune up" your computer for optimal performance.

Some of our customers have saved hundreds of dollars by not having to replace a perfectly good system that had just been choking on various malware that had effectively rendered it useless.

Our technician is an experienced PC repair technician and well versed with most of the common software products one would expect on a home computer. You can ask questions and get some basic help with installing and using some of these software products.

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