Online Web Mail
Webmail Interface
You can access the webmail interface for any Spotlight Consulting hosted email addresses at any time from any internet-connected computer using Internet Explorer or another compatible browser.
Simply type: http://webmail.your-domain-name into your browser's address line and hit Enter.

For example: would open up the email login page for

Once you get to the login page, you can add it to your favorites or add it as a link to get there faster next time.


Microsoft Outlook Express
Instructions for setting up an account in Microsoft's Outlook Express to access your mailbox on the Spotlight Consulting mail server.

These are instructions detailing how to set up an account in Outlook Express to access
a mail-box on the Spotlight Consulting mail server. The email address must be set up
by Spotlight Consulting before it can be accessed. It will consist of two parts, a
user-name and a domain name, separated by an ampersand ("@"). For example:
"", where "petur" is the user name and "" is the
domain name. The email addresses are NOT case sensitive, so ""
is equivalent to "". Passwords ARE case sensitive.

Follow these steps to set your email:

          Make sure that Outlook Express is installed on your computer.

          Start Outlook Express.

          Click on "Tools" at the top.

          Click on "Accounts" in the drop-down menu under "Tools".

          Click on "Add" and select "Mail".

          Enter Display Name (f.ex. "Petur G") and click on "Next".

          Enter E-mail Address (f.ex. "") and click on "Next".

          Enter your domain-name for the Incoming mail (POP3).

          Enter the SMTP server into to Outgoing mail (SMTP) server box and hit Next.

             Note that most Internet Service Providers (ISP) will block you from
             sending mail unless you use their own mail server. If you get an error
             referring to port 25 and SMTP, try to call your ISP and ask them what
             string to enter in the Outgoing SMTP mail field. Here is a short list of
             ISPs and their unique requirements:

                >Charter Pipeline (the cable access company in South West Michigan),
                   use ""
                >Netcom/Mindspring/EarthLink, use ""
                >SBC/Yahoo (DSL), you may need to check "Log on using Secure Password
                >TDS, use ""

          For a more complete list, refer to the list on the next page.

          Enter your full e-mail address (this field IS case-sensitive as it is being used as an
          account name, so make sure to get this information from Spotlight before continuing)
          as the account name (f. ex. and your password (you can
          access your account and change it at any time), and if you want your email pulled
          automatically, mark the box that says to remember your password by clicking on it.
          Make sure the "Log on using Secure password Authentication"-box is NOT checked
          (unless specified in the unique requirements above). Click on "Next".

	Click on "Finish".

The following steps are optional, but make the account easier to identify:

	Make sure your new account is highlighted (assuming you are still in

	Click on "Properties".

	Under the "General" tab:

          	Replace the name "mail.domain-name" with a more descriptive display name (f.ex.
          	"Petur G").

          	We recommend that you leave the "Include this account blah-blah-blah"-box

	Under the "Servers" tab:

                    You can leave all of these settings the way they are unless you
                    have changed your mind about having your password saved. If you
                    have a virus detection software with the e-mail scanning enabled,
                    the "Incoming Mail (POP3)" field may automatically be changed to
                    "localhost". This is normal and you should leave it alone.

	If this is not your main computer, go to the "Advanced" tab:

		Make sure the "Leave a copy of messages on server"-box is checked.

	Click "OK" to finish.

Internet Service Providers and their corresponding SMTP settings
Many Internet Service Providers (ISP) require you to use their SMTP server. Below is a partial list. If your ISP is not on this list, try doing a Google search on the name of your ISP and "SMTP".
  • America Online (AOL) - (does not support pop mail)
  • AT&T Worldnet
  • AT&T
  • Comcast
  • Earthlink Network
  • Earthlink Network (International only)
  • IBM.Global
  • Juno
  • Mindspring
  • MSN
  • Netcom
  • Pacbell
  • Prodigy
  • (was
  • RCN
  • SBC Global
  • SBC Global Yahoo
      (only works for SBC global yahoo counts)
  • SprintLink
  • TDS

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