Client Services
 Online Client Services currently contain the following:

If there are any other services that would be of interest to you please feel free to contact us by phone, email or through this web page.

Initiate a Remote Support Session with a Spotlight Support Person
Initiating a Remote Support Session involves several steps:
  • Contact Spotlight support at 269.998.0387.
  • Double Click on the "Initiate Remote Support" link below to display a connection dialog box.
    • This will access a tiny program file and pending on your browser, you can choose to save the file or run it. If you save the file, choose a location (f. ex. "My Documents") and then double click on the file after it has been downloaded to run it.
    • If you get warned by your firewall or virus protection software about a "suspicious" program running, please confirm that this is OK and allow it to run.
    • When you run this program, you are providing us with a way to connect to your system over the Internet and observe your screen. We will also be able to take control of you system if necessary.
    • Click on the link of the support person you're talking to as instructed to allow an incoming connection. ONLY the Spotlight support person will be able to use this method and connect to you system and ONLY while you allow it. You can cancel or close the session at any time. No program is actually installed on your system and only by repeating the above process would we be able to access your computer again.
  • When the connection is complete, a yellow session icon will appear and display a balloon message saying "Connection active". It changes to a green icon after we "accept" the connection. If you wish to end the session from your end, right-click on the green session icon and click "Close". If we close the connection from our end, the connection will end and the icon will disappear automatically.

Please note that the remote support session is intended to help us support our clients in a timely and efficient manner and will be billed according to our established agreements.

Initiate Remote Support

Invoice Service
Here you can request a copy (or copies) of past and current invoices, make clarifications and/or corrections to an invoice or pay an invoice online through PayPal.
Company Name
Invoice Number
Request Email a copy of invoice to provided email address
Mail a copy of invoice to provided mailing address
Email clarification of invoice as described in the comments area
Pay invoice online through PayPal
   (Please contact us if you are interested in this option.)

Request For Service Submission
Use our online form to request service
Print a blank RFS Form that can be filled out and faxed in case your online access goes down
If you don't have Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free
(your name)
Company Name (name or code)
Computer Name (if applicable)
RFS Number (if already assigned)
Priority Critical, immediate attention requested
   Please call us at 269-998-1389 for critical problems!
High priority, attend to as soon as possible
Normal priority
Low priority, attend to when convenient

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