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Do you need to extend your network connections to multiple buildings? How about a wireless coverage on multiple floors? We can help you decide what your requirements are and provide the necessary equipment to handle your needs.

Local-Area-Network (LAN)

Having a LAN allows the computers on your network to communicate and share resources, such as printers.

This requires a router to handle the addressing and traffic and handle the access to the Internet.

Typically a LAN refers to a wired network of computers, servers, and other devices. Adding a wireless access point or using a routaer capable of a wireless connection allows devices to connect wirelessly to the LAN.

Depending on the building and the distance requirements, you may need multiple wireless access points.

Wide-Area-Network (WAN)

WAN refers to the network outside of your LAN. When you connect to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider, they’ll assign you a WAN address. This address can also allow access from locations outside your networks, but the router has to be configured to allow this.

This feature of the router is called a “firewall” and serves to keep your LAN safe from unwanted intrusions with exceptions as needed.