Online Presence

Online presence refers to having a “face” on the Internet, a way for potential visitors to find your business online, and be able to interact with your business.

This can be accomplished through having a website, an e-commerce platform, and/or social media. Of the three, a website anchors your presence and is more like owning vs. renting, as it lets you control every aspect of the platform.

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A website lends legitimacy to your business by always being available to your customers and potential customers to provide information about your business and services to your customers.

Modern & User Friendly Websites

Just like a store front should look good and inviting, so should your website grab your visitors’ attention. It should be neither too busy nor too simple and it should always be easy to navigate. Spotlight Consulting/Web Centers USA can build you a beautiful website that meets all the requirements of today’s online presence.

We offer website design, development, hosting, e-mail processing, support, maintenance and more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization refers to mechanisms that imcreases your visibility online and enhance your chances to showing up in search results for searches on your type of business.

If people don’t know your particular domain name or Internet address (URL), but are looking for services or products that you provide in your area, you would like search engines to be able to display your website so they can find your business.

If you make sure your website communicates your specific information to search engines and thus improve your chances of being found by potential customers.